As you know today is our first birthday and we are proud to present that we launched our Reddit site available at:

During the next couple of weeks we will extend it further and look for professional people who will regular post high quality content on Reddit. Reddit is a very valuable discussion and help platform which is seen and known world wide. It requires professional content writers with a good business or technical background. We will use it on our own to transfer knowledge from Discord to the outside world.

The corporation is in its last phase and is decisive for some great new projects that are already in the starting blocks. we are looking forward to announce and introduce them to the community, but we won't do this before Galilel Corp is created. The Corp also opens new ways for Galilel to enter into business partnerships and step up its game to a new level. We dont want to forget to thanks OUR COMMUNITY, because members (you know who you are wink) have contributing to expensive listings and whitepaper translations. Our Whitepaper is now available in 16 different languages, no other projects can claim this. We are also very pleased that the new homepage, which is in its final stage, will support most languages in the world so that interested people can use it in their own language. The Galilel team is excited and hopes that in the future the community will continue to support the development of the coin and share our project on social media and drive galigizing around the globe. Help us to fill the vacancies that we have advertised. Together we can further develop Galilel and take it to the next level.

Your Galilel Team

Hello dear Galilel contributors.

Now the time has come. Exactly one year ago the first block of Galilel Blockchain was found.

Since then, more than 500,000 more blocks have been found and today we can speak of a stable blockchain that works smoothly. We can really build on that.

A lot has happened in this first year. Some new features like the Zerocoin Protocol with Zerocoinstaking were implemented. Also the reward structure was adapted by a community vote in such a way that the community gets much more control over the blockchain in the future via our new features and they can influence the inflation themselves.

Galilel was also listed on many exchanges and monitoring/hosting/informative platforms.

The listing on Coinmarketcap (CMC) also enables us to expand many new possibilities and gives us great exposure.

Our Android app is in beta and is scheduled for release in the major stores after the Corp is created.

As requested by the community we wrote a non-technical summary of the project and the blockchain features outlined in the Whitepaper. This summary should give people that are technically not well-versed an overview of what the project tries to accomplish and by which means. It's a lighter read than the White paper and should be seen as an addition to it not a replacement.