We've switched from Trunk Based Development (TBD) to Pull Requests (PR) development.
It will help us to review code before it is getting merged into the master project trees in GitHub.

Every developer who wants to contribute to any of our public GitHub project can simply fork the repository, develop new features,
test them and once it is stable enough create a PR for it.
PR is being reviewed and if acknowledged it is being merged.

This is preparation step for upcoming development bounty we are going to publish to attract additional developers for better collaboration.

We've moved our website to a new domain.
You can reach it at:

It has already support for multiple languages and a news system to publish our important updates on our website first.
It was a necessary step to distinguish the different entities between the core (desktop, paper and mobile wallets) and the legal entity which will operate under a different domain with a different website and some additional services to subscribe and pay.
The seed nodes in the desktop wallet will be changed with the next update.
The trusted nodes in the Android mobile wallet have been replaced already with the .org domain.
We will add gradual website localizations during the next weeks.
The old .cloud will expire end of August and will not be extended.

Galilel is now available as a payment option at
Prohashing is a professional mining pool.

This will also enable people who are only into mining to earn Gali as mining rewards can be paid out in Gali.
Furthermore people who mine and choose to pay it out in Gali wil provide the Gali market with liquidity.

We are pleased to announce that Ben Arter is joining the team.
He will join as Business Manager UK and help forge partnerships and drive business growth.
He brings years of experience as an entrepreneur to the team and is a valuable addition to the team.
Most of you already know him as an active member of the community that regularly contributes and is active both here as well as in social media.
Please give him a warmth welcome.