Team member Pascal @crypto5.0 visited a blockchain event in Zürich today.
The topic was: Could Blockchain be used for banks? Legal framework of tokens and asset tokens.
How can we manage assets based on tokens and what is the legislator's position. Which legal framework is the best at the moment?
Further background was the idea of Crypto Valley and what is being done there.

Furthermore @crypto5.0 met today with one of the managing directors of Crypto Valley to have the first talks about joining.
The talks are very positive and we will continue the talks soon.

As in the past we made an OTC sale from the funds in the donation wallet.
The structure of the sale was the same like before as it was a combined deal to buy coins at market and pay a premium for the coins provided out of the Gali funds.
We sold 105.000 GALI from the donation wallet for 0.3 BTC and the same amount has been used on-top to clear the order book in Crex24 and Graviex.

The remaining funds in the donation wallet will be allocated to two development bounties which already gathered some interest in the dev community and a content writer that helps write professional articles to give the project more exposure on our social media venues.

Since we are on CMC now and new explorer require coincheckup support,
We've created a pull request there to add GALI:

We've been added to

Monitornode is an app for masternode hosting, tracking and sharing.
Their service is relatively new and we are among the first coins added there.