After a couple of month of lots of administrative work and bureaucracy we were finally included into the commercial registry.
As of now we have a fully operational corporation behind the project.
Enclosed you'll find the official announcement by the registry.

We've started to work through the questions that have been put to support over the past months and have created some help guides. 
We will create more guides with future support requests. 
We thank Patric Mainzer (@Schokoladenbrezel) for the creation of all guides. 

You can find our GALI WIKI at:

We are now listed at Gentarium. 
They offer both regular Masternode hosting as well as Shared Masternodes. 

Since some community members asked for Shared Masternodes in the past we explored which providers are the most reliable. 
Since Gentarium has a corporation behind their project we felt comfortable adding them. 

As always be careful when sending coins to third party services and do so at your own risk.

We currently did reorganize some of the tasks within the team according to invidual team member's expertise with the aim to achieve a higher level of scalability.
1. Mike Broemme (@Babyface) will continue with developing the wallet and blockchain part of the project (Paper, Mobile, Desktop, Appstores, Blockchain features e.g.) and maintain the Whitepaper. Furthermore he is in charge of the administrative aspects of the corporation behind Galilel.
2. Name removed (Name removed) and Ben Arter (@crypto_ben) will be in charge of the business part and be responsible for listings and business strategy. If someone has business related questions please direct inquiries towards them.
3. Christian Grieger (@Swooty) is responsible for the frontend/backend and bot development. This includes the website, paper wallet and blockexplorer.
4. Manuel Gogoll (@Cryptogerman) is responsible for all marketing activities and cross-posting across all different platforms. Since he is in charge please redirect marketing requests/ideas towards him.
5. In general please direct questions/suggestions/ideas to people responsible for that part of the project. It ensures that those things can be addressed in a timely fashion and we don't have to coordinate that internally which usually costs a lot of time.
6. Responsibilities of all other team members stay as is, for Pascal Rebholz (@crypto5.0), Alex Mesquita @Alex Mesquita, Patric Mainzer (@Schokoladenbrezel 👻), @Maik | and @Sorin90.
All contact information is available on our website at