Marketing Announcement: Galilel has been listed on My Crypto Cloud masternode hosting platform. You can get you masternode instantly at:

The development budget superblock caused a chain stuck this month. We fixed it already and chain continued. It might be necessary to restart your staking wallets and broadcast the masternode start command again.

We are happy to announce the availability of our whitepaper (WP) in 2 constructed languages, Klingon (latin) and Klingon (pIqaD) writing system. You can get them here: - Klingon (tlh_latin) - Klingon (tlh_pIqaD)

Of course this is more for fun, but to all Star Trek fans out there. This is for you!

We are pleased to announce the availability of our whitepaper (WP) in 14 different written and spoken languages. We cover almost any region in the world with it which includes EMEA, APAC and AMER. Below are the direct links to the whitepapers: - Arabic (ara) - English (eng) - French (fra) - German (deu) - Indonesian (ind) - Italian (ita) - Japanese (jpn) - Polish (pol) - Portuguese (por) - Russian (rus) - Spanish (spa) - Ukrainian (ukr) - Chinese (zho_sc) - Chinese (zho_tc)

To give you a short outlook, next week we will also update the website to implement and enable multi-language support.