After we successfully founded the company Galilel UG (haftungsbeschränkt) in Germany we were able to upload our Android Mobile Wallet to the Google Play Store a few days ago.

Galilel is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency backed by a global community of thought leaders and organized by technology enthusiasts. It's the first easy-to-use crypto-currency with a hybrid consensus algorithm, dynamic zerocoin proof-of-stake, proof-of-transaction, and master dialing for time-limited inflation control.

One of the first mobile wallets that includes 2-factor authentication for encrypted private keys. Your purse is thus protected as best as possible for theft. Although transactions are very fast anyway, they are executed immediately using SwiftTX and do not require a wait for confirmation.

You now have the possibility to download, install and use the Galilel Wallet (GALI) officially with your mobile device using the link below.

We entered into a partnership with

Through their service we are able to offer a broad range of payment integration.
This currently includes integration into BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, HTML5, WHMCS, Magento and WordPress.
On top of that it is now possible to integrate Gali donations into Twitch,YouTube, Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.
In addition we currently wait to get integrated into their marketplace which is dependent on their partner.
This will enable you to currently buy gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, GameStop, Dominos and XBOX with GALI.
Note that the marketplace offers those gift cards only for the US stores.

They have comprehensive step-by-step guides on how to integrate into a given platform on their website.
In addition they are keen to help if any questions arise or support is needed so feel free to ask in their discord.

As some of you have already seen we just enhanced our bot with a game which uses Gali.
Cryptobreedables is a text and image based driven Discord game. It's as easy as it sounds.
All actions can be done by reacting to the bot messages by clicking the emoji icons provided for the given events.
You can fight, level up, collect nice items and earn free Galilel coins. On top of that the game provides a progressive Gali jackpot.
So while we develop and work on the coin, feel free to spend your spare time on competing for some gali and fame  

What are you waitin' for? Come and fight.

We are happy to announce our mandatory Galilel v3.4.0 wallet update.
The most notable changes are the following:

- New protocol version enforcement at Sun Aug 18 10:00:00 UTC 2019
- Enable Zerocoin with public spend of zGALI after block 681,000
- Disabled Zerocoin minting and staking - Bootstrap from the cloud or file
- Single transaction can include up to 500 denominations of public spends
- Fix for valid forked blocks rejected
- Preliminary additional architecture support (s390x and ppc64el)
- Performance increases The protocol change will happen at Sun Aug 18 10:00:00 UTC 2019.

Until that time all your wallets (hot and cold) have to be updated.
After that we have to pass Zerocoin public spend block 681,000 and will disable SPORK_16 and enable zGALI public spending.

You can find the complete changelog at:

Please read it carefully as it includes sensitive update information.