We are happy to inform you that the GALI-Wiki is now available in german.
You can find our german wiki at:

Other languages:

We are proud to announce that GALI has successfully applied for membership of the crypto valley association.
Galilel is now part of the Crypto Valley association. This opens some new possibilities for us.
On the one hand we have the possibility to use a very big knowledge. This helps us in many areas such as regulation, development,
taxation and finance and many more. On the other hand, we can also address investors and marketing partners there if necessary.
Also the Knowledge of several crypto experts is very valuable to us.

We would like to get involved in the Crypto Valley Association and work in different groups on further developments.
Also we can now participate as a member in the different events of the Crypto Valley and expand our network.
This helps the team members to broaden their knowledge and to start interesting partnerships. Furthermore GALI gets further
attention through this membership which can be used to make the uniqueness of this project even clearer.

The membership in Crypto Valley shows that Galilel works as a serious project with great ambitions and still wants to achieve many
goals together with Crypto Valley.

We've published an update for our Android wallet, it is already available for download in Play Store. It includes the following important changes:

- Fixed sync restart if application is moved into background
- Fixed wallet crash if local currency rate is not available
- Fixed several hardcoded texts and localized them
- Fixed alignment of buttons in text input fields
- Fixed missing notifications on newer Android devices
- Added missing buttons in backup, restore, address book and scanner request dialog
- Added better application icon
- Added option to disable splash video
- Added 2 digit support to sync progress update indicator
- Added support for connecting to multiple peers
- Added support for automatic reduction of transaction fees if add all button is clicked
- Show build number in settings screen for better user support
- Removed trusted node configuraton screens for simplicity
- Removed the drop shadows from all floating buttons
- Removed the non-functional buttons from several dialogs
- Replaced splash video with muted version
- Replaced CoinGecko API with CMC-API for local currency data
- Local currency data is updated once a day

Many thanks go to @Cryptogerman because he was testing it very carefully and identified a lot of issues in original forked codebase which we addressed with this update. Initially we planned to implement checkpoints to speed up initial sync but due to a lot of ZC transactions in our chain the blockchain headers are already ~90MB in total size and we need to rewrite the Android wallet core to handle large checkpoints in non-blocking way. It is planned for the next release together with translations made by professional company. You can get it at:

The new go to online game: CRYPTOBREEDABLES

Word spreads fast and some of you have probably already seen we enhanced our Discord Tip-and Stakebot with another feature by adding a server based game which offers free GALI on a per game basis. Cryprobreedables was developed by our front and back-end developer Christian Grieger aka Swooty. New features are added to the game on a regular basis to make it more challenging and to add a competitive spirit for all players.

Cryprobreedables is a fully Discord based text and icon game. It’s as easy as it sounds. All in-game actions are performed through text and icon based commands by clicking on a shown icon or by running a short command which are all predetermined. Using our simple help command will show you all available options at any given time. Sounds too complicated, well remember you get free Gali anyway.

The aim of the game is to defend incoming attacks by monsters together with the other participating players by decreasing its life points in a given timeframe. By playing the game you earn experience points and will consequently rise in the ranks which enables you to dish out more damage and earn more GALI. Besides that you can collect and buy extra items for more in-game capabilities while still earning free GALI coins.

On top of that the game offers a progressive GALI jackpot which increases in time until it’s won. If that’s not enough to catch your interest you might want to join just to be part of the community and having a good time while we develop the code and enhance business partnerships. Beware trash talk and competitiveness are all part of the package.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to join the action.

And earn some honour and fame along the way.