1. In the last couple of weeks we've spent a lot of time to transform Galilel project into a legal binding contract business. We will get a contractual draft for corp creation for review next week and discuss it. Once everything is clarified we will sign it. In Germany it requires that signatures are made in notary and as every team member is located in a different city, we will align the appointments for it.

2. We invest a lot of time and resources into better world region coverage of our website and documentation. We will release the whitepaper in 16 languages next week, all aligned with our corporate guidelines created by @Swooty. This is purely for sake of professionalism and will bring us into better position of explaining our blockchain feature scope.

3. As whitepaper is not read by everybody and website is the first visible part for our project, we decided to translate the website into 16 languages as well. From now on we will align whitepaper and website translations. @Swooty is currently working on the multi-language support of our website. Once this is done, I will publish all the translated texts. You know there is no second chance for the first impression.

It is a new Crypto Currency Portfolio, Masternode and Miner Monitoring tool.

As always a retweet is welcome. The tweet can be found in #social-media on our Discord server.