We would like to inform that our company profile on Xing has been approved.

You can find it at:

We are now listed on Altilly with a GALI/BTC and a GALI/XQR trading pair.
Altilly is a CMC approved exchange which would give us our fourth one so far.
Note that Altilly requires KYC in order to use their full offerings.

We have created a company profile on LinkedIn.
We will be there as in all other social media channels to distribute our announcements in the future.
Network with us to get even more reach.
Here is the link to the company page:

We are one of the first projects to be listed on the CTSC platform.
Currently the platform offers wallet and issue tracking and enables projects to offer contract work.
For coin holders they want to offer a one-stop solution where you can monitor everything relevant to your portfolio at one place.
Note that most modules on the platform just went live but you can expect more features like price and portfolio tracking in the
near future and also some games with coin prizes for those of you here who are into gaming

A big thank you to the team over there for integrating us and as always in case you have any questions feel free to ask them in their discord or here in their channel.