As requested by the community we wrote a non-technical summary of the project and the blockchain features outlined in the Whitepaper. This summary should give people that are technically not well-versed an overview of what the project tries to accomplish and by which means. It's a lighter read than the White paper and should be seen as an addition to it not a replacement.

We want to give a little progress report on the establishment of the corporation. We received this week the revised contracts from the notary. On June 11 @Babyface and me gonna be at the notary to finalize and sign the contract with the others signing the contract shortly after at notarys in their respective locations since we are not all located in the same area.

After that the notary will send the paper work to the state registry which initiates the establishment of the corporation. Insertion into the registry usually takes 2-4 weeks. This process is a pure beaurocratic one, so from there on we did everything on our part and will have to wait until we get confirmation from the respective government agency that the corporation has been included in the state registry and is fully operational.

Once the company is established we are able to upload the mobile wallet which is already in Beta to the playstore. In a second step we would also be well in time for our Q3 goal of a mobile wallet for iOS and would also be able to publish it into the App Store which has a corporation as a strict requirement.

We are pleased to publish @Babyface interview with masternodes-germany in English. The original interview was in German. We want to use this occasion to also announce our official Medium channel

We hope you enjoy the article as it was the first interview @Babyface did and it gives some nice insights into the project.

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