Vindax represents our second KYC exchange and is consistently among the Top50 Coinmarketcap exchanges and recently also among the Top10.
This is now the fourth CMC exchange we've added this year and so far the biggest one.
In line with past communication of the team we are targeting higher volume CMC exchanges and  are glad that the partnership with Vindax did work out.
We'd like to point out that in order to get listed on Vindax we had to sign a SoW with a NDA.
As we emphasized in the  past this is a requirement by higher volume exchanges and this why it was necessary to have a corporation behind the project and how it benefits the community and project.
That being said we hope you guys appreciate being finally listed on a bigger CMC exchange.

VinDAX announced trading for GALI/BTC pairs on 19.11.2019/08:00 UTC. Trading will take place approximately one week after the listing.
We will inform you when you can make deposits and withdrawals and when trading is possible.