We've published an update for our Android wallet, it is already available for download in Play Store. It includes the following important changes:

- Fixed sync restart if application is moved into background
- Fixed wallet crash if local currency rate is not available
- Fixed several hardcoded texts and localized them
- Fixed alignment of buttons in text input fields
- Fixed missing notifications on newer Android devices
- Added missing buttons in backup, restore, address book and scanner request dialog
- Added better application icon
- Added option to disable splash video
- Added 2 digit support to sync progress update indicator
- Added support for connecting to multiple peers
- Added support for automatic reduction of transaction fees if add all button is clicked
- Show build number in settings screen for better user support
- Removed trusted node configuraton screens for simplicity
- Removed the drop shadows from all floating buttons
- Removed the non-functional buttons from several dialogs
- Replaced splash video with muted version
- Replaced CoinGecko API with CMC-API for local currency data
- Local currency data is updated once a day

Many thanks go to @Cryptogerman because he was testing it very carefully and identified a lot of issues in original forked codebase which we addressed with this update. Initially we planned to implement checkpoints to speed up initial sync but due to a lot of ZC transactions in our chain the blockchain headers are already ~90MB in total size and we need to rewrite the Android wallet core to handle large checkpoints in non-blocking way. It is planned for the next release together with translations made by professional company. You can get it at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=galilel.tech.mbroemme