We added support to show budget proposals for governance purposes in a separate table in v0.2.0 of our block explorer.
Once user click on this icon, he can see the current running budget proposals.
This is necessary requirement for proper DAO implementation and transparency.
There is a pull request open for the upstream merging, but ours differs in the following way:

1. We removed created column because it is mis-leading, it refers to last db update time.
2. We introduced storing of blockStart and blockEnd, in case of budget proposals running for several months it is needed.
3. We show information about payout amounts, this is what everybody wants to know.
4. We show payout amounts in relation to budget period, so monthly payout, already paid budget and total budget over the proposal period.
5. We use same throttle mechanism as for masternode list which makes client rendering ~4 times faster.

PS: Everyone who has not yet voted for the budget proposals is highly requested to do it.