As of today our service offerings are available for sale on the official Galilel website.
We offer a wide range of services, starting from custom development of mobile wallets to hosting services including block explorers, wallets  and Discord bots.
You will find a quick overview of all our services in the service section of the website.  

We already have successfully implemented and tested a block explorer for another project which can be seen in our references on the service subsection of the website.
This section will grow as projects acquire services offered by GALI.
The quality of the services is already well-known among our community as all of them are implemented within GALI.

To round things up we developed a one-stop solution for the above mentioned services for sale at the most competitive  prices in the industry while still maintaining the highest level of performance and security.
That being said  we would like to ask the community to share our service offerings and help advertise those services to other projects.