We are happy to announce our mandatory Galilel v3.4.0 wallet update.
The most notable changes are the following:

- New protocol version enforcement at Sun Aug 18 10:00:00 UTC 2019
- Enable Zerocoin with public spend of zGALI after block 681,000
- Disabled Zerocoin minting and staking - Bootstrap from the cloud or file
- Single transaction can include up to 500 denominations of public spends
- Fix for valid forked blocks rejected
- Preliminary additional architecture support (s390x and ppc64el)
- Performance increases The protocol change will happen at Sun Aug 18 10:00:00 UTC 2019.

Until that time all your wallets (hot and cold) have to be updated.
After that we have to pass Zerocoin public spend block 681,000 and will disable SPORK_16 and enable zGALI public spending.

You can find the complete changelog at:

Please read it carefully as it includes sensitive update information.