During the last couple of weeks we had several issues with our block explorer.
First of all there was a mandatory requirement to replace it since old explorer doesn't support Zerocoin in a proper way and doesn't
work well with long (>600k blocks) and large (>2GB) chains.
We decided to fork the BWK explorer as replacement. However this explorer had a couple of issues itself which we fixed in current version (v0.1.5).
Major changes are so far:

- Added support for showing stake amount and restake amount (original BWK shows only restake amount, which is confusing for non-technical users)
- Added support for showing correct balance, received and sent amount (original BWK shows only balance accumulated by the last 100 TX, also confusing to non-technical users)
- Added support for syncing chains with broken Zerocoin spends, necessary because we test a lot of features and vulnerabilities on testnet
- Added systemd files (daemon, web, timers) to use modern Linux service infrastructure
- Added Arch Linux package build definition for deterministic builds as part of infrastructure runs on it
- Several UI glitches have been fixed (incorrect padding of buttons)
- Replaced Yarn with npm to avoid using Facebook's registry mirror We are very happy about the new explorer and we believe it is a significant
infrastructure improvement and kindly invite users to fork it, who need one.
Pull requests are highly appreciated.
You can reach new explorer at the following URLs:

- Mainnet: https://explorer.galilel.org/
- Testnet: https://explorer.testnet.galilel.org/