We've decided to stop accepting new customers for our services as after 1 year it is not becoming a sustainable business. The market related to crypto currency services is weak and very small. 3-4 one-time subscriptions without renewals are not profitable enough to drive growth and paying custom contract work. What does it mean?

1. We will switch back to community driven approach which was very successful in 2018 and beginning of 2019. We will not try to rule everything anymore, everyone has different expertise areas (e.g. mine is development, that is what I will do). From my personal experience over the last months this is what people mostly expect. I have listened carefully to it, noticed it, and will do.

2. We do not have any business driving people in the core team anymore, so let us be fair, there will be not much progress in this area in future until someone drives it. No need to fool people here.

3. We will decouple development from publishing – at least for mobile applications – process. For sure you know it from other projects, and it is common industry process. To outline it with an example: The next item on our very volatile roadmap is an iOS app. Once the development finished, we need to find a publisher.
4. We are going to change development budget responsibility to avoid situations and silly questions when people may start to ask what happens with it as you are collecting it month over month. Therefore, we are handing it over into community hands via a multi-signature wallet which requires quorum to spend the money. We will create a separate poll for it, regarding quorum requirements, number of signatures, etc. Also, we will create a special group called sig-holders in Discord. This gives community control over future strategy; you can decide what to implement first and pay the responsible person after completing the work. This applies to everyone including me and other team members. It gives power and control in a DAO pragmatic way and trust and transparency into decision making process.

5. Infrastructure costs are covered, no one need to worry about it. It is handled by extended community team currently, including domains, servers, bootstrap infrastructure, etc.

6. Last thing I need to say, please respect each other, everyone does volunteer work in his/her free time. In community driven approach, people can come, do something but they have the ultimate right to go and do something else. Community members are not your personal assistants, there is always someone willing to help if everyone is friendly and professional.

7. Considering the points above we need to adjust our roadmap. It is obvious that it is unpredictable with volunteer work and without business planning. No one, neither me nor you should be responsible for items out of his/her control.