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The Galilel mobile wallet is now available
Android Galilel Mobile Wallet
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The CVA is an independent, government-supported organization located in the Swiss canton of Zug. Our mission is to build the world’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Switzerland. Our main focus is in developing and executing a community-driven program targeted at establishing and growing our ecosystem. This includes supporting start-ups and established businesses, making policy recommendations, initiating research projects, and hosting conferences, hackathons, and other industry events. We are also working to be a bridge between Crypto Valley and the global cryptographic technologies community – building on our already active connections to international centers of blockchain innovation in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York.

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Galilel Statistics visualize the current real-time snapshot of the blockchain network. The wallet notification system updates the statistics automatically once a new block has been detected in the network.

Network Hashrate (GH/s) Difficulty Height Masternodes Average Reward Time
Mainnet 2270.18 36185.88 1080218 320 5h 20min
Testnet 2967.58 42883.41 336618 9 0h 9min

General information about used algorithm, ticker symbol, staking and masternode collateral.

Description Parameter
Coin Name Galilel
Coin Ticker GALI
Hash Algorithm Quark
Consensus Algorithm PoS + zPoS Hybrid
Block Size 2 MB
Block Time 60 Seconds (Re-targeting every block)
RPC Port 36002
P2P Port 36001
Type PoW / PoS / zPoS / MN
Minimum Staking Age 2 Hours
Maturity 120 confirmations
Send Eligibility 6 confirmations
Rewards (till block 1,500) MN 60%, PoW 40%
Rewards (till block 205,000) MN 60%, PoS 40%
Rewards (from block 205,001) MN 70%, PoS 30%
Last PoW Block 1,500
Masternode Collateral 15,000
Max Coin Supply (January 2020) 19,035,999
Max Coin Supply (January 2030) 45,315,999
Max Coin Supply (January 2040) 71,595,999
Max Coin Supply (January 2050) 97,875,999
Dynamic Coin Supply All transaction fees and zGALI minting fees are burnt
Community Donation Address UUr5nDmykhun1HWM7mJAqLVeLzoGtx19dX
Community Donation Balance 0.00
Dev Budget (from block 250,001) 10% in monthly superblock
Dev Budget Multisig Address 7U3FMDhKv4j5bzauurPoX1TtqE7hPowSJi
Dev Budget Multisig Wallet (combined balance) 213959.46

Zerocoin minting specifications.

Description Parameter
Zerocoin v1 activation Block 245,000
Zerocoin v2 activation Block 245,000
zGALI Automint 10%
zGALI Rewards (from block 245,001) 1 zGALI
zGALI Rewards (from block 340,001) MN 40%, zPoS 60%
zGALI Rewards (from block 430,001) MN 40%, zPoS 60%
zGALI Denominators 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
Accumulator Modulus RSA-2048
Maturity 240 confirmations
Send Eligibility 20 confirmations
Fees (mint) 0.01 GALI per minted zGALI denomination
Fees (spend) No fee

Proof-of-Work is used as instamine protection and will end at block 1500.

Block Height Reward MN PoW Coin Supply Stage Runtime Stage End
Block 1 220,000 GALI (premine) 60% 40% 220,000 0 days 2018-05-25
Block 2 - 1500 1 GALI 60% 40% 221,499 1 day 2018-05-26

Proof-of-Stake will start at block 1501 until max coin emission is reached.

Stages Block Height Reward MN PoS Coin Supply Stage Runtime Stage End
Stage 1 1501-12000 100 GALI 60% 40% 1,271,399 7 days 2018-06-02
Stage 2 12001-22000 90 GALI 60% 40% 2,171,309 7 days 2018-06-09
Stage 3 22001-42000 80 GALI 60% 40% 3,771,229 14 days 2018-06-23
Stage 4 42001-100000 70 GALI 60% 40% 7,831,159 40 days 2018-08-02
Stage 5 100001-160000 60 GALI 60% 40% 11,431,099 42 days 2018-09-13
Stage 6 160001-205000 50 GALI 60% 40% 13,681,049 31 days 2018-10-14
Stage 7 205001-250000 25 GALI 70% 30% 14,806,024 31 days 2018-11-14
Stage 8 250001-340000 13.5 GALI 70% 30% 16,156,009 62 days 2019-01-15
Stage 9 340001-430000 10 GALI 70% 30% 17,055,999 62 days 2019-03-18
Stage 10 430001-ongoing 5 GALI 70% 30% ongoing ongoing ongoing
Leadership and Development

Meet the team behind Galilel.

Executive Management

Maik Broemme
CEO Galilel UG
Developer (Wallet, Blockchain, Apps, Whitepapers)


Executive Management

Christian Grieger
CCO Galilel UG
Frontend/Backend and bot development. Design website, paper wallet and blockexplorer


Executive Management

Manuel Gogoll
CMO Galilel UG
Marketing and Social Media


Executive Management

Pascal Rebholz
CFO Galilel UG
Financial planning, proposals


Ben Arter
Business strategy
United Kingdom

Patric Mainzer
Schokoladenbrezel 👻#3436
Head of Support and Information Management

Alex Mesquita
Alex Mesquita#9361

Milestones and Estimations

What we build and when you can expect it.


1. Enable and release MAINNET RESOLVED


1. Create block explorer (SSL secured) RESOLVED
2. Create discord bot for block height RESOLVED
3. Create discord bot for donation monitoring RESOLVED
4. Create discord bot for GitHub monitoring RESOLVED
5. Community poll: Max Coin Supply RESOLVED
6. Community poll: MN/PoS reward distribution RESOLVED
7. Community poll: MN collateral amount RESOLVED
8. Community poll: Reward structure modification RESOLVED
9. Create branding (logos, banners and icons) RESOLVED
10. Release Galilel v2.0.0 with community vote results RESOLVED
11. Know Your Developer (KYD) public verification RESOLVED


1. Enable and release TESTNET RESOLVED
2. Refactor Galilel codebase to latest PIVX 3.1.1 RESOLVED
3. Enable Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for blockchain voting RESOLVED
4. Release Galilel Coin whitepaper RESOLVED
5. Release Brand Guide RESOLVED
6. Release Galilel v3.0.0 with Zerocoin v1 activation at block 245,000 RESOLVED
7. Release Galilel v3.1.0 with Zerocoin v2 with private Proof-of-Stake (zPoS) at block 245,000 RESOLVED
8. Create BitcoinTalk Announcement RESOLVED


1. Release Galilel v3.2.0 with Dynamic Zerocoin Proof-of-Stake RESOLVED
2. Start Android wallet development RESOLVED


1. Release Galilel v3.3.0 with Zerocoin Light Node Protocol, Precomputed Proofs and Governance RESOLVED
2. Release Galilel Android wallet v1.0 RESOLVED
3. Creating legal entity in Germany for binding contracts and mobile wallet publishing RESOLVED


1. Release Galilel v4.0.0 with Proof-of-Transaction (ghPoT) OPEN
2. Start iOS wallet development v1.0 PROGRESS


1. Release Galilel v4.1.0 with Instant On Masternode (gIOMN) OPEN
2. Release iOS wallet v1.0 OPEN
3. Release Galilel Android wallet v2.0 with Proof-of-Transaction (ghPoT) OPEN


1. Release Galilel v5.0.0 with Hybrid Proof-of-Stake (ghPoS) OPEN
2. Release iOS wallet v2.0 with Proof-of-Transaction (ghPoT) OPEN


1. Release Galilel v5.1.0 with Term Deposit (gTD) OPEN


1. Release Galilel v6.0.0 with Money Supply Control (gMSC) OPEN